Sunday, March 2, 2008

bummer :(

Well, I didn't get the job I was hoping I would get. After waiting three weeks for an answer I finally got a voice mail Friday (but didn't listen to it until Saturday) saying they were sorry for not getting back to me earlier. They decided to go with someone with a little more experience than me. It was between me and one other person. I guess that is good {trying to stay positive here} I made it that far and it was the first time I had interviewed for such a big job...but I have to say I am disappointed. I really wanted this job and thought I would do a great job at it. I am mad. Sad. Feeling defeated. Mad and sad. But hey, things happen for a reason and when I get over it {give me a few days will ya} I will be fine. I will look for another position that I will do just as good a job at.
To keep my spirits up I went out to this little stamp shop I found. I actually found a stamp company called A Muse Art Stamps and looked for a store who carries them. Well, I found a diamond in the rough. It's this little hole in the wall and when I say little I mean little. Two people can not fit down the same aisle. You get to know the other customers while you are there. The store is called The Rubber Stamp Studio and it's in South Euclid, Ohio. They have some scrap book supplies and lots of stamps. They have classes and the owner was so nice. She offered me to email her with the stamps I like from AMuse and she will order them! How sweet is that! Anyway-- if you have time, and like to use stamps, check out They have really cute stuff! I bought the camper and a tree with a tire swing. :)
Oh. I work with a doctor who is so generous to our family. He has been giving us hand-me-down toys from his kids for Garrett. His family is so sweet. I love his wife. She is so cute and so friendly and great. They are so kind and really love giving us stuff (for lack of a better way to put it). We on the other hand are so very grateful. Garrett loves to hear that Dr. Fedele gave me toys for this is what moved in the weekend. Sponge Bob Squarepants bed tent. It is suppose to go on a twin bed but since Garrett is still sleeping in his crib, we put it in the living room for now. Thank you Dr. Fedele & Sharon! He loves it!!


montanawildflower said...

Nicole, I'm so bummed to hear you didn't get the position. I've been anxiously checking your blog for an update and was really hoping you'd get it. But like you said, something better will come and it will be something that you're really great at. I have no doubt that your dreams will be realized. Keep your chin up! Jen, down the street. :)

Nicole said...

thanks Jen! :)

Rita said...

Sorry 'bout the job :( bummer. That photo is so cute. Look at him in there :) Happy Birthday!!!