Tuesday, March 18, 2008


OK Here are some of the before photos!
{do you think the Black is obvious?}

Demolition begins!

{yeah, it's stuck}

Let's start workin'!


Seriously... said...

Nicole...that black bathroom is fantastic! wow. i bet you're happy to have it gone :) I was cleaning up the other day and I found a red shirt of Garrett's under Brady's bed....I can drop it off sometime when I'm out and about (email me your address...) or you can swing by if you're in my neck of the woods...i'm almost always home. Talk to you soon!

Rita said...

WOW! The kids and I are sitting here laughing at Garrett and his little tool stuff :) BIG project ahead. Can't wait for the outcome pics :) Have fun this weekend.

steph said...

HOLY COW! The black for sure HAD to go. I guess I never really saw it being that black. And your right, it definitely looks worse on the computer. Can't wait for more pictures.
Maybe this will be spur Brian on to do the kitchen! I want to come help for that one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita's sister. Do you scrap too?

Nicole said...

I do! Do you?