Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting so big

Garrett is getting so big. It seems so touche to say that but when I look at him sometimes I wonder where the time is going.
A friend of mine is pregnant and I think watching her sweet belly grow makes me think back to when I was pregnant. I don't really remember it...I don't know why. Maybe God makes us that way so we'll do it again {mine was a bit scary}...then again, maybe not. She and I talk about babies and things she is exicted about. Strollers, cribs, bedding, and the stuff that comes along with a baby. I talk about things Garrett tells me or asks me. Like this morning at 6:30am..."Mama, when my cousins get here today, can I buy a race car"? {Um, no.} It's fun watching him grow. It's hard somedays. Really hard. But most of the time we can laugh about something he either said or did that day. :)