Friday, September 4, 2009

A NEW KITCHEN!!! say it with me...A NEW KITCHEN!!!

We bought our house in 2003 two months before we got married. We were on a serious hunt to find a house that we would love and grow in. One Sunday morning our real estate agent called us and told us he knew of a house going up for sale that day and we could go see if before they listed it, so off we went. We drove up to 3307 Dellwood and fell in love. I loved the tree lined street, the kids were out playing, the sun was out, and it wasn't baby blue {not that it isn't a nice color it just isn't for me}. We went through the house looking at things {like a blue leather couch}, talking to the current owner {while she showed me her kids school schedule}. Not noticing the lovely colors of paint they had used {crayola red} or tons of wall paper on the walls or the black bathroom...and who needs to look at the appliances {from 1960} or faux butcher block counter tops??? I LOVED it. I loved the layout and the bones, everything else was cosmetic, right???

Fast forward 6 years...and we have decided to FINALLY realize the kitchen we use on a daily basis and that we cook Thanksgiving and Easter dinner in for 8+ people every year-- HAS TO GO! It is not cosmetic. It is red plaid wall paper with yellowing edges that peel. It is gross flourescent under cabinet lighting, and faux butcher block counter tops. It is a 1960's stove that has the controls built into the wall {???} and Boy is it going to GO! In about 2 is going down to the studs! Only to be rebuilt with pretty new cabinets and updated electrical and new appliances! A WALL to be forever removed! I cannot wait!! I am scared about the whole thing since we will be without out kitchen for 6-8 weeks {yikes} but when it's done, I have a beautiful picture in my mind's eye.

I will {definitely} be keeping up to date with photos and the struggles that go with such a huge renovation project. Yahoo!! A new kitchen!