Monday, August 22, 2011

I {heart} Faces Photo Challenge Pet Week

My beloved Steve. My heart smiles when I think back to the day our lives crossed, me-- a crazy busy college student. You-- a sweet, tiny, baby kitty with huge eyes and even bigger ears. Sitting on my doorstep as if you had been placed there by a sweet angel. I picked you up because you were so stinkin' cute and my heart will never let you go. For 15 years you have been by my side. Good, bad, ugly, move after move--never with tussle, always with a snuggle. You have made me laugh. You have been by my side when I cried. Funny toys, funny moments of retching up grass, great soccer games, stinky food and all.

I have loved you for every moment of your life. My heart will be forever etched with your face and the love we shared. I love you Steve, the Cat, and will miss you forever.
This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge