Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coming Soon...

A bathroom update!
{it's completed and lookin' great}
I will post pictures soon!
Stay tuned!

Friday, May 16, 2008


I found this new blog that I have found so fun! If you like anything sweet, you'll find this one so cute! I am going to make the cupcake pops for our street bake sale this weekend...we'll see how they do! How sweet!! and yummy!

later in the day...
I made them! OK so it took me quite a bit of time...all day practically...but I think they came out cute. And boy are they yummy and soOOoo cute! What do ya think?

yup, I made those! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We had a really nice weekend. The weather was beautiful on Saturday so we went to pick out my Mother's Day gift. A new tree for our front yard. There has been a void there since we had to take an old tree down a couple of years ago. I have been wanting one for a while now so that is what Brian said he would do. :) We went to the nursery (which was very busy) and we got to drive around on a 4-wheel gator. You should have seen Garrett's face! It was a grin from ear to ear. He was so excited to be on this thing that he didn't even talk! and that is rare! I picked out a Flowering Cherry Tree. It is so pretty in the spring with light pink double blossoms. It will look so nice in the front yard! Sunday I got to sleep in and then Garrett and Brian took me out to breakfast. Garrett made me a hand print painting for a present and gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses. The weather was yucky --raining and cold-- so we didn't do too much the rest of the day. We watched a movie (Barney of course) and had dinner. It was a nice day and weekend. I hope all the Mom's had a nice Mother's Day too!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Genests for Breasts

Oh what a weekend it was! Friday I flew into Washington DC to join my Mom and sister, Stacey at the airport. We were picked up in style by my cousin Ricky who brought us into DC for a guided tour all around. We stopped at Rick's Firehouse in Arlington first and got a first hand 'training' on blowing the bells and whistles on the Firetruck. How old are we? :) Then we were off to the "Mall" where we saw the Washington Monument (sort of like Big Ben, wherever you looked, there it was and we passed it around every corner all weekend!), the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and over to the Air Force Memorial. We saw the Pentagon where the airplane hit on 9/11 too. My cousin Rick is a fire fighter and was a first responder to that tragedy so it was a sobering sight to see. It gave me the chills but bringing that moment and all those lives into reality was a touching thing for us to remember.

Friday night we went over to my cousin Rick and his wife, Marcy's house for a spaghetti dinner . It was so nice to hang out with them. My Aunt Audrey, Uncle Dick and his wife,Annie, cousin Marc and his new baby Marc Jr.,Allison, Danielle and her son Josh, and Ilka and her family were all there to fuel up before the big walk in the morning. And to celebrate Danielle's birthday. We had a great time!

Friday night, I thought I was going to bed when we got to the hotel and my sister got sort of 'forced' into going out with my cousins but she cornered me and said I was going too. Off we went to meet up with cousin Scottie and Manny at an old hangout of Mannie's when he was a White House intern {yes he took the actual job of Monica Lewinsky without the under the desk part}. It was so fun to listen to stories of his White House days. :) He actually ran into Bill Clinton on his first day on the the bathroom! Manny said he just stood and looked at him like a deer in the headlights until Bill asked him to step aside so he could 'Do his business'! heehee Then we were off to a gay bar...Stacey had never been. It was interesting!

Saturday was the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. My cousin's team raised $8000.00 for the Walk! I am so proud of them!! We met up with them for the first time at mile 8 and cheered them on! Danielle almost tackled me when she saw us! It was such a cool moment! Stacey and I were both crying (way before we saw Danielle) but started again when we saw them. Talk about an emotional day! Cousin Nathan joined Danielle, Marcy, and Ilka and walked with them to the next stop at mile 15. He is such a trooper and makes you feel great! They walked 26 miles on Saturday and another 13 on Sunday. They made it to the finish with minor blisters but a great sense of accomplishment and pride. I am sooOOOooo proud of you guys!

Sunday we walked around more and shopped. We found a Swatch Store and Stacey, Maureen, and I all bought one! Those are such fun watches! Couldn't resist!Mo is undecided so she got her picture taken with two candidates.

My mom, Stace, Jennifer, and Collin all had earlier flights back to Boston so we said goodbye at the hotel and went out to lunch with Aunt Donna, Maureen, and me. Then we saw the girls right after they crossed the finish line. I jumped in a taxi to the airport and was on my way home! It is and always is a whirlwind weekend but it is so much fun. I have to say I have an amazing family who always finds time to support you, visit you, and love you no matter what! Even now, ALL our cousins are close friends (like brothers and sisters) and we get together as often as we can!It was a fun filled great weekend!

{phew now I need a nap}