Monday, June 30, 2008

A new bike

Garrett is getting so big right before my eyes. It seems we were just getting up in the middle of the night to feed a little 5pound baby and now he is riding off down the sidewalk on a two wheel bike (with training wheels but still...). He is so excited to ride his new bike that he wants to be out there every moment of every day and every moment of every night. His little face just lit up when Brian tightened up his wheels and he could get on and ride. He has even learned to use the break...sometimes. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Parade the Circle

Over the weekend we went to the annual Parade the Circle here in Cleveland. This parade is not your typical marching bands and firetrucks and local beauty pagent winner. It is a parade by artists expressing their amazing talents in crazy and unique ways. It is pretty darn amazing the amount of talented artists we have around us. I do believe they have a 'theme' to create around but I apologize I do not know what it was this year. It was COOL though every last one of them! My hat is off to all those who were in the parade.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Williamsburg, Virginia

Whew! Where have I been! I have been busy but not sure what I have been doing. :)

I want to share some pictures from our trip to Williamsburg, Virginia with our family, The Williams, aka Brian's Mom and Dad or Grammy and Grandpa. What a nice place to visit. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Just what we needed to feel like summer was here. Hot. Sunny. Beautiful. Williamsburg was fun. Checking out the old colonial buildings and walking around the 'land'. ;) Garrett loved it because they shuttle you on buses (which he LOVES to ride on) and we got to see animals but most of all he loved it because he got to be spoiled by Grammy and Grandpa for the weekend. He LOVED getting up in the morning and running into their room to "wake" them up (even though they were up and dressed every morning before he came in). He got to swim and play and play and play some more. Of course his heart was won with the toys he got from Grammy and Grandpa too {Thank you}

One of the days we visited Busch Gardens and had a great time! We arrived at the park before it opened and kept busy until Garrett passed out around 3pm! We even went back after dinner to see more! Garrett had so much fun going on the rides and checking out all the roller coasters. Brian went on a couple by himself as I puke (yes puke) when I ride them. The last time I went on a roller coaster in Florida I had a brain injury *I will share that story another time but believe me when I say that I had a brain injury! There was drool involved*

We had a great time. It is a place everyone should try to see. Wait until your kids are studying the times though, they'll have more fun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Drum Roll please...

We have been away for a little while on vacation but for those of you who have been "tap tap tapping" their fingers in anticipation of our new bathroom...your time of waiting is up! here are a few shots of our fabulous new bathroom! Please note if you need to compare the old bathroom...check here. Do enjoy!

double click on the photo to get a larger looksee! :) I will post pics from our trip over the weekend as soon as I can!