Saturday, March 29, 2008


I can not believe a week has almost passed since Easter. Oh my how time flies. My parents came out to visit us over Easter weekend. We had a great time. We asked my Dad to help us work on our bathroom (which is still under construction but getting close to the finished product! I will share photos of that a little later) and boy did we work him to the bone! I think he may have needed a few days to sleep when he got home. :) Garrett had a ball with my Mom, playing trucks, bubbles, and getting presents! which he LOVED. It was a great weekend.
I thought I would share a fun page I made of Garrett and my Mom coloring eggs. It was so funny to watch. My Mom was nervous and Garrett was sooooo serious. He was throwing the eggs into the dye cups like baseballs. And he was done in about 5 minutes with a dozen eggs. Thanks Mom & Dad. We love you!.

p.s. I went to Michael's yesterday and found the April issue of Scrapbook Trends with Rita's layout on the cover. It was so exciting to see Ella on the cover in a big store like that! I think the sales lady helping me find the section they put it in was just as excited as me to see it!!! Yeah! Now go to Michael's and find it too! :)


Susan said...

Just checking in. Garret is really changing, starting to look like a little man. He really looks like he is having fun. Love the page. I can't wait to see the bathroom! I love this blog stuff:)

Rita said...

hey :) what a cute page! looks like lots of fun was had. can't wait to see bathroom pics. xo

me xo said...

yay...I still can't wait to see it myself!! mom said she was going to stop with AD tomorrow to pick up a copy (she has a coupon too) In the meantime, maybe my copies will arrive tomorrow! xo