Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A star in the making!'s been a rough start to the week. I got sick on Saturday with the cough, runny nose, I want to puncture-my-sinuses-and-let-them-drain-feeling, achy, fever, YUCK YUCK YUCK. I hate being sick. I have been so lucky the last few years that I haven't been too sick but this seemed to knock me down. We were suppose to go visit our friends the Pedersen's on Saturday and I had to cancel. Thinking I would feel better Sunday, I told them we would come up then. Well, I woke up Sunday feeling and sounding worse! ugh!!

I finally feel better today. I am still blowing god-awful gunk out of my head but I have my voice back (which I lost Monday afternoon) and Garrett and I made it out of the house. Of course, where did we go...Target. heehee! Where I found the cutest clock for our kitchen! It's a faux cuckoo clock but I love it!! Oh and we've gotten about two feet of snow over the last two days. We're making up for lost time.
We have a new toy...a basketball hoop. Brian went out and bought Garrett a basketball hoop because Garrett has been taking all about basketball lately. He has a dance he does that he calls 'basketball' too. It's really funny. He's pretty good. He gets baskets from across the's funny!
My sister Stacey is a wee bit competitive when it comes to sports and she and my cousin Nathan have had this rivalry on Easter where they play one-on-one basketball. It's the funniest thing to watch. So we taught Garrett to use her slogan. He says: "Bring it on Auntie Stacey!" You'll have to play him next time you're visiting! ha!


rita said...

Glad youre feeling better. Those shots of Gman are too cute! He reminds me soooo much of Alex at that age :)