Sunday, February 24, 2008

Congrats Brian!

An update to our hopes and wishes...Brian got word on Friday that he got a promotion. Yeah! He is now the East Coast Network Integration Executive for Abbott Laboratories. He interviewed for this new position a couple of weeks ago and we have been hoping he would get it. He put a lot of hard work into his presentation and interview and impressed his boss. I am so proud of him. It is with Abbott, whom he has worked for 10 years+, which has been good to him. We are thankful he got it so we wouldn't have to start over with a new company. This new position will be more sales and he still traveling but it is par for the course in this industry. He is still President's Club eligible so he has the chance to win a very nice trip if he works hard! We've already been on two of these fabulous trips and believe me, I am hoping for more! So if you talk to him be sure wish him Congratulations!! Yeah! {it's also a step in the right direction for us to get closer to new England}
*fingers crossed* Congratulations Sweetie!!!


Rita said...

Congratulations to Brian!!!! What great news :) We are all so proud of you. Now, when will you get that family of yours to the East Coast?

Nicole said...

It's only been two days and they have both been the weekend! We're working on it!! :)

S. Schuller said...

CONGRATS Brian (via Nicole)! Great news! I am happy for you, but don't think about moving closer to New England... that would be sad. You guys are great!

steph said...

Yea!! I know you guys have been waiting for something for awhile. Congrats!
We're excited to see you guys this weekend. Hopefully you are all feeling better. Talk to you soon!