Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He's got an Agent!

Lots of people have encouraged us to submit Garrett to a modeling agency. Well, I decided to try it out after the New Year (with some help from my cousin Jennifer). When I did, the agency told me it could take up to 2 months for a call back and sometimes not even then. A week later we got a call that they wanted to meet Mr. G. I was excited thinking they really thought my baby was cute enough to model! Wow! So, we went in for our 'meet and greet' last week. Wasn't Garrett the TOTAL HAM when we went in. He was all smiles and flirting with the girls (He insisted on wearing his Red Sox hat so I knew we had good luck on our side-ha!) When we left it was, don't call us we'll call you. Garrett gave me a high-5 and off we went. :)
Tonight we got an email from the agency asking us to come in for a Parent meeting because they would like to represent him. He's got an AGENT!
He will be doing still photographs not acting but sometimes I think he might be able to act! We'll see what it all brings with our parent meeting and who knows maybe you'll see him on the box of a Little Tykes toy! heehee!!


S. Schuller said...

Great news! I always knew Garrett had that star quality! He is adorable and I hope he goes far!

steph said...

WOW! that should be fun! those dimples will get him many jobs!

steph said...

HEY! where did you find those purple flowers? remember when i was looking for some all summer?

Nicole said...

Thanks you guys! Hope you are feeling better Sarah. :)
Steph-- those were at Gilmour the day Kendra and I went. It was in the middle of the turn around with a driveway all around him. I love her photos of him!

Shelley said...

Congratulations! I get the model comments all the time about my red head, but I always thought it would be a big hassle to start the process. Good luck with everything.