Sunday, February 3, 2008


We're in the Super Bowl! We're all excited for the game today. The nachos are ready to be made, the beer is being bought as I write this-- Brian is out buying singles. Well, since it's just the two of us watching the game and I am the ultimate in light weights...he said I have to have one for the tradition of the SuperBowl...whatever! I will probably have one and then switch back to the usual...water!

Garrett is dressed in his Pats shirt and keeps saying "Go Patriots, Papa!" (My Dad has has a lot of influence with sports even being 700 miles away)!

So-- at 6:17pm we'll be ready for KICKOFF!

Go Pats! Kick some NY BUTT!


Debi said...

One beer!!?!??!!

that's not the Nicole I know and love, well, maybe it is and we are just getting older. Oh well...

Nicole said...

I know I know...I have grown soft in my old age Deb!! haha

Auntie Rita said...

awww...sorry for the loss, garrett :( What a bummer, ey?