Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy's visit

Brian's Mom, Grammy, came out this week to help me while Brian was in California. This is the first time I have asked anyone to come out and help me but I thought it would be fun for Garrett as he has been asking if he could go to his Grammy and Grampa's (as well as Mimi and Papa's, Auntie Rita and Uncle Oliver's, Oh and Uncle Jim's) house to play with the "kids" (his cousins). We had a great time having Linda here. It was so nice to see how fun both she and Garrett were having together. It was cold all week so they spent a lot of time running around in the house, playing hide and seek, riding bikes in the basement (cellar) and scaring each other. :) It was also nice to have her here to talk to at night. We sat and chatted and laughed and talked about the "someday" when we will move closer to 'home'. Thank you for coming Linda. We enjoyed having you. Garrett loved having you here and will be talking about it for a long time to come. Thank you!


steph said...

love visitors! we always talk about moving closer to family too. but then that would mean that we (you guys and us) would practically be an entire country apart. that's to far! it's already bad enough being 25 miles apart.

Nicole said...

I know! I am sitting in the dining room looking at your old place 'wishing you were here'. :) You will be proud, I have started an actual scrap book! Not just a collector of stuff anymore! haha

Rita said...

I didn't know Linda was going out last week. Glad she & Jim get to visit so often :) We're working on Easter... Oliver wants to know if the stores open at am the day after Easter? ha. your new banner is adorable :)