Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No lights to Bright lights

The electrician, Joe, came in on Monday to start the process of roughing in the lighting. We actually decided to {well had to} update the whole electrical box if we were going to update the kitchen. There was only one 3-prong plug in our old kitchen and that was on the controls for the stove. I had to use my big mixer while balancing it on the coiled burners. A great feat in itself.
I was a little nervous watching Joe scope out the kitchen for where things are going to go...thinking the whole time that he was going to find something that wasn't right and it was going to cost us a lot more money. He worked hard all day and had it laid out and wires strung up throughout the kitchen by sundown. The can lights had looptie loops in the cieling and the outlets were waiting for a box to be put in place.

And today, Voila, we have lighting!

We did run into a little snag. Our upstairs tub started to leak through the kitchen ceiling, through the cabinets, through the light fixture, onto the floor to make a GIANT mess about a year ago. Yes, 1 year ago. We knew we would have to cut into the ceiling and if we were going to re-do the kitchen, why do that twice? We waited. Well, on Monday, the plumbing needed some fixing. New pipes. Re-routing. A big ol'price tag. BUT we can now use the upstairs shower and have 2 bathrooms that work! Yeah!


steph said...

loving all the updates! can't wait to see it all done. i can't believe that there was that seating in that room all along. so sad that it wasn't there for you!

i was in target the other day and walked right past a huge box with garrett on the front of it. he looked so cute.

wanna trade pictures again this year? let me know.