Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Kitchen Renovation Begins!

We started our kitchen reno last week...I have been without a 3-prong adapter for my computer because we needed it for the microwave and coffee pot. :)
Let me take a walk through the old kitchen and help you understand why we decided to update! This is our backdoor. We use{d} this door for our main in/out door.

This is the "back hall" which is only a small entry way which goes into the kitchen. There were two large cabinets that went up to the ceiling which I could never reach because I am kind of short. We had a counter here too which caught everything! and was always a mess! Shoes, purses, junk, junk, and more junk!

Heading into the kitchen there was a small peninsula that held the drop-in style stove from 1960 {we even found the brochure for this stove and it was actually dated with 1960!} above the stove there was a hood...a hood which took at least 1o minutes to "warm-up" before the jet engine sounding wind tunnel began to blow whatever you were cooking back in your face! And a lovely shelving unit which was so obtrusive that even I had to duck to talk to someone standing on the other side.

As you walked past the peninsula the refrigerator was on your right and the "nook" was off to the left. Let's talk about the nook...that we never used because it was too small for us to sit in there. You could get in but you could not get out if anyone else was with you. It had 9 foot ceilings with cabinets built right up to the ceiling. Again, storage option, nice. Could I ever get in there? No. So, we turned it into the "cats den" and fed the cats in there, with their own table too!

Our sink was under a window on the wall with most of our cabinets. It was a great sink but the window was something to complain about. It never opened and it was really old. It was always dirty because it was so high up that we couldn't really get to it to clean in...excuses excuses. When you really don't like something, it's easy to ignore it and pretend you don't see it. :)

And just a few more things around our kitchen that will surely not be missed!

Ahhh...change will be good!