Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Garrett turns 4

The 24th was Garrett's 4th birthday. It was a fun day. When he woke up, he ran into our room and asked, "Mama, is it my birthday"? When I said 'yup', he ran downstairs singing {yelling} and stopped dead in his tracks{silence} when he saw the table piled high with presents! He was so excited! He turned to me and says, "Mama, did you do this?" in this sly kind of tone, like I was tricking him. It was so cute. He was shaking he was so excited to open presents. {It reminded me of my sister. When we were kids, she would get so excited on Christmas morning that she would throw up}
It was a weekend full of fun surprises. Grammy and Grampa arrived on Friday to start the fun, Saturday we went to the circus, and Sunday we had a party with his friends.

Some fun things about you at 4:
You are still really {really} LOUD
Funny, funny, funny
You love to say "fart" and giggle right after
Daddy is your biggest buddy
Your *smile* lights up the room
sooOOoo smart
learning to write and spell your name
Full of life and spunk
You love to explore and find out why things are the way they are
Talkative. Very, very talkative.
Love books
Still trying to be friends with Jack {the cat}
Love extreme sports -- skateboarding, snowboarding, dirt bikes
100% BOY

I love you Bud! Happy 4th Birthday!!


steph said...

happy birthday! he is getting so big. i love the determined look on his face blowing out the candles.

Rita Weiss said...

Great cake! Glad you had a fun weekend :)