Monday, April 28, 2008

Modeling Debut

Garrett had his first 'modeling' job today. He got a call from his agent last week that the Step2 Toy Company had called and wanted him for their Lookout Tree House photo shoot. His agent, Stephanie, said it was the first time she submitted him to a client and she got a call back the same day. :) "A good sign" she said...I thought... "uh oh". ha!
We arrived at the studio this morning. The studio, which was in a warehouse in downtown Cleveland on some strange looking street with no visible signs of life inside/outside. Well, we made it in safely and we were shown to Garrett's dressing room {dressing room ha!} and then we were brought into the room {giant space} where the treehouse was~ surrounded by huge light boxes and lots of expensive equipment. {I did have a passing thought that I better warn them how clumsy Garrett might be but I didn't} We made it through the shoot safe and sound. He did great and they seemed to get the shots they wanted. They told us that we would most likely see him on the website and/or the box of the toy itself. :) If I see it first, I will let you know!
p.s. I got a call this afternoon and Step2 asked for him to come back on Wednesday for another toy. I guess he did OK. They already asked us back. heehee


steph said...

way to go Garrett! Can't wait to see it!

Auntie Rita said...

well, how exciting Mr. G man!!! Don't forget about us little guys when you go past the toy boxes :)