Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthdays Spring and Projects

Sunday was Brian's 34th birthday! We celebrated with a giant cupcake cake and presents and shopping for his big present...a new bike! It was lots of fun trying to find one that he liked and one that Garrett agreed that his seat would fit nicely on the back of. "They" came to a decision and we picked it up yesterday at Costco-- of all places! Brian had a nice birthday with lots of cake,(presents), and love too!

Spring seems to be springing up here in Cleveland this past week. We have been out in the warm air riding bikes and watching the flowers popping up. Even Steve, the cat, has been out L-O-V-I-N-G the warm sun. It's fun to run into people we haven't seen all winter because we almost literally hibernate here because it's so cold and dreary from November to April. And nice to see people starting to work on their yards to get ready for Spring and Summer. Here are a few photos of Spring!

One more thing I have been working on... I have a few people in my family who sometimes have a hard time doing things on their computer. We live about 700 miles away from each other and it would be nice if they would be able to share photos with us since they all now have 1. digital cameras and 2. computers! So-- it finally hit me this last visit with my parents...when my Mom brought her camera and memory card (with no cords or card reader) and asked me to download them and clear her card for, we don't have the same camera so it was kind of hard to do.

So-- I decided to make my Mom and Dad instruction cards on how to upload, download, save, AND send to Walmart the photos that they would like! I am also in the process of making some for my sister Stacey too! She always tells me she has taken a bunch of photos of her kids and things she is doing around the house but she doesn't know how to email them. Don't worry Stace, they are coming soon!!!

All I did was take 4x4 chip board (left over from Christmas 2006) and decorated them and clipped them together with an O-ring. What do ya think? :)


Rita said...

haha! now thats funny. mom will love that. it's so cute. ADORABLE cake!! Happy Birthday Brian xo

steph said...

Happy Birthday Brian ( only a few days short ) Hope you had a great day. We missed celebrating with you guys this year!