Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Garrett has been over the moon this year about sledding. He LOVES it. He would sleep in his sled if we would let him. He asks every morning if he can go sledding. Please. Please. Please.
Brian has been such a champ with taking him {a lot}. They have found some really fun hills and met some fun kids too. Garrett met one little boy who is just as crazy as he is! He calls him "my new friend Miles". I am not sure if we will see him again but Garrett talks about him all the time!
Yesterday we went to a great hill in Solon that is part of the parks system here in Cleveland. It was really fun and Garrett was so excited to show me how he goes over the 'jumps'. He is so brave! :)It keeps snowing so I am sure we will be going again soon.
Oh! and just for fun...this was one of Brian's trips down the hill...


Rita said...

Now that pic may just make it to our jpeg Dining Room Hall of Fame!