Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas in New Hampshire

We were in NH for Christmas and New Year's this year (as we have been every year)it was a lot of fun. I took a million, well actually I took 841 pictures while we were there. I will not post all of them but I will post a bunch from different days we went out and had fun. Christmas was great. We spent it at my sister, Rita and her husband Oliver's house with their 2 kids. They are just so funny with Christmas and get sooOOoo excited about it that it makes me laugh every year. A true delight of the day. Garrett really seemed to 'get it' this year. He knew Santa was coming and when Alex woke us up (at 7:30am this year not 5am yipee) Garrett yelled "Mama get up. Santa came to see us"! The presents were opened once again in record time and everyone was happy with what they got. My parent's came over in the morning to see everyone too. My parents and other sister and family came over later in the morning. We had not seen them since we arrived in NH so it was great to see them so early in the morning! It was a great Christmas.

We used to have a tradition of the whole family (cousins included) going skiing on December 26th when we were growing up. We have now started up this tradition again since all of the kids are old enough to go now. We even put Garrett on skis this year and he LOVED it. He was particular about his helmet color and did not want to start on the kiddie slopes. Nope not my child. He wanted to ride on "that" he said...yup, the chair lift. First time on skis, he could stand and that's about it, and up he went on the chair lift to the top of the mountain. My brother-in-law was so nice and took him down the slope with Garrett between his legs holding on to the ski pole. It was such a moment in my life that I almost started crying. Garrett had a smile from ear to ear.

Another day we went bowling. It was fun and something we have done a couple of times with all the kids. Garrett had no interest because he liked the arcade much better.

New Year's eve was great fun too. Wolfeboro (the town my family lives in) puts on a great First Night. We started the day out with face painting and then went to see a couple of shows. One was a drumming group and the other a juggling show. We made masks and Garrett had his face painted with a butterfly. It was so cute. Then we went to the parade and fireworks. This was Garrett's first time seeing actual fireworks so he was very excited.

Once again we had a wonderful time and everyone gave us great hospitality. Home cooking from both Mom's and visiting with our family is always so nice. We miss you all already and can't wait to see you again soon.


Anonymous said...

looks like a lot of fun! Happy New Year!