Friday, November 21, 2008


I heard about this series back in October. WOW! I am HOOKED! At first I thought {as the avid Harry Potter fan that I am-- no way. It can't be as good as the Harry Potter series! Nothing can touch that!} Well, I was wrong. Twilight had me at hello. I am staying up way too late at night-can't put it down-can't wait to go to bed to read-obsessed! Twilight is the first in a series of four. I am almost done with #2 New Moon and can't wait to go to bed tonight to finish it! Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday and I can go out and get the 3rd, Eclipse!
It's almost sad that a grown adult can become so infatuated with tenage romance and warewolves and vampires! I feel like a dork exclaiming how much I am into this book series but if you haven't tried it yet-- DO IT NOW! and the movie is out today! Read it first and then go see the movie!! :)


steph said...

You are only hooked if you have taken the test to see what character you are in the books. (no I haven't!) And there is certainly nothing wrong with teenage vampire romance!!!

Nicole said...

Rosalie Hale You are Rosalie Hale. You are beautiful beyond measure -- the envy of every girl. Your loyalty to your family is as fierce as your sense in fashion. You love your family very much, and wish you could have your own one day