Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Job, Diabetes, and Computers!

I officially accepted the position with the Cleveland Clinic. I will be the Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology Research Nurse starting October 6th. Yahoooooo! I am really happy about this. The position sounds great for me. I will be working autonomously and yet together with 2 other nurses heading up research projects as well as clinically. I am happy that they want me to work clinically with them so I can work on acquiring hours to take the Certified Diabetes Educator exam (hopefully in a year). The people in the department are really nice and are excited that I am going to be working with them. It's such a good feeling to be loved!

On another note, Steve, our cat, was diagnosed with Diabetes this week. He has had the classic signs of diabetes for a couple of weeks now {I was in denial} weight loss+increased appetite+increased thirst and urination. He is on two shots a day of Lantus Insulin. The vet wants to re-check his urine for glucose in a few days and blood work in a few weeks to see how everything is working for him. He has been on insulin since Wednesday and already has more energy and seems better. He is psyched because the vet wants him to eat wet food {which has always been a treat} and less dry since the wet is higher in protein and lower in carbs.
What can you do! He's part of the family.

So my laptop has unofficially died! Ugh! I have been switched over to another one in the interim but I feel lost without my own. All my programs are on MY computer ie: photoshop, printing press, all my photos...
My last few posts have been kind of boring since I am not sharing any photos with you. I have so many that would be fun to share BUT I can't. I will have to put a slide show on here when I actually get them into this computer. I have taken so many since the last time. My Mom was here, park photos, Garrett, Garrett, and more Garrett! :) I will have some soon...I promise! WHY I ask all the time, am I NOT on a MAC? WHY? well because I can't afford one right now but still, WHY?

I am going to go work on getting my photos switched over so I can share. :)


Rita said...

What? Steve has diabetes? you've got to be kidding me. poor steve! but I have to say, that's *wierd* !!!