Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We had a last minute visitor for the 4th, Brian's Dad Jim. He decided he was going to head out to visit family in Indiana and stopped over for a couple of nights. We were all happy to see him and had a nice time visiting. Garrett was very happy Grandpa was here. He showed him all his latest feats...riding his bike, meeting his friend Mateo, and talking and talking and talking Grandpa's ear off. We're so glad you stopped and spent the fourth with us, Jim! :) We also had some fun going out to Cedar Point on Sunday afternoon. My cousin David and his family are out there camping (sort of~they have a sweet RV they travel in) so we went out and had a cookout and swam in the pool all while the crazy roller coasters were roaring in the background. Garrett and Brian went in the water park and had a ball. I forgot to bring a bathingsuit so I took photos :) If you haven't been to Cedar Point, you have really got to put it on your list of must-do's! It is awesome!

It was a beautiful weekend for the weather and a great weekend spending time with family (it's so nice that we had family in town!) and friends. We had our friends Fabio and Jennifer and their son, Mateo, who is Garrett's little friend, over for dinner on Saturday too. Jennifer is/was just about ready to pop with her second baby. She is/was due any day so we had them over so she wouldn't have to worry about food. Her mother is in town awaiting the new baby so she came along too. It was a nice dinner and exciting talking about the new baby coming. :)

I got a call early this morning that Jen went into labor at 3:30am...waited at home until to the hospital around 6ish and delivered at 6:45am! A baby boy! 7lbs 2oz named Gabriel. Everyone is healthy and doing great. Way to go Jen! We're so excited for all of you!

Hoping everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!


Untie Rita said...

Happy 4th you guys! P.S. whoes the guy on the right in the group shot of you all at cedar point?? hmmm....Nicoles boyfriend? lol!!

Nicole said...

That is A nephew of David and Janice...Caden. He was with them at Cedar Point this year. Um, kinda young for me you goo-ber! :)